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GlasPave® Paving Mat

The GlasPave® Mat’s capabilities are well suited to all pavement surfaces. Its geosynthetic, non-woven polyester matrix enables an asphalt binder to fully penetrate and fill voids within the matrix, limiting the infiltration of surface moisture into the granular layers of a pavement structure, ultimately preserving the strength of these layers. The matrix design also promotes a quick, strong bond with a variety of asphaltic tack coats. And like the GlasGrid® Asphalt Reinforcement System, the GlasPave Mat performs well even in the harshest environments. 

    The GlasPave Mat resists rot, mildew and chemical degradation. Unlike polypropylene fabrics, it will neither shrink nor change dimensions when exposed to hot mix asphalt; this prevents premature slippage or loss of bond. Since it requires a smaller amount of hot liquid asphalt to install than most other fabrics, it leaves a smaller carbon footprint. And with its higher tensile strength, the GlasPave Mat is more durable and less susceptible to on-site installation damage. A variety of roll lengths allows for faster installation and fewer roll change-outs, while a choice of roll widths allows for easier placement around corners and curves. 

    The GlasPave Paving Mat’s unique product structure, allows it to perform more efficiently than composite paving grid products.  Recent testing at the Texas Transportation Institute, using the Texas Overlay Tester, demonstrates that the GlasPave, kN for kN, outperforms the other interlayer product types (Polyester composite grids, glass fiber composite grids, etc.).  For further information, please refer to the Overlay Tester performance study. 

    With easy installation and less follow-up maintenance, the GlasPave Paving Mat:

    • Reduces the amount of AC tack coat required compared to other fabrics
    • Reduces costly road repairs and lane closures associated with reflective cracking
    • Decreases labor costs with quick and easy installation procedures
    • Reduces waste with a choice of roll dimensions
    • Ensures thermal stability during installation to eliminate the risk of product shrinkage as it’s installed
    • Remains fully millable and recyclable after its service life 

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