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Improving Unpaved Roads and Construction Platforms

The SpectraPave4™ Mobile App combines the capabilities of SpectraPave4 Software, the most powerful technology available for analyzing the use of geogrids in roadway design applications, with unmatched convenience and portability. It incorporates the unpaved haul road design methodology developed by Dr. J.P. Giroud and Dr. Jie Han, calibrated and validated for Tensar® TriAx® TX140 and TX160 Geogrid products.

The Answers You Need, Right Where You Need Them

The SpectraPave4 (SP4) Mobile App allows engineers and contractors in the field to determine aggregate thickness requirements and cost savings quickly and accurately when using a mechanically stabilized layer (MSL) that incorporates Tensar TriAx Geogrids over soft subgrade soils. Real-time, on-site results include calculations of aggregate savings, undercut savings and overall project cost savings. For unpaved haul roads, working surfaces or construction platforms, this results in:

  • Simplified construction
  • Reduced material requirements and costs
  • Extended service life

The SP4 Mobile App can be accessed on any Java-enabled, Internet-connected smart phone, tablet, notebook or laptop while you’re at your project site or on the move. When you’re back at the office, your saved project calculations can be accessed from any laptop or desktop computer there as well.

Note: for the optimization of flexible pavement sections using Tensar TriAx Geogrids, please see the Paved Application module of SpectraPave4-PRO™ Software or contact your local Tensar International representative.