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 Tensar SpectraPave4-PRO Software

Optimizing Paved Roads, and Stabilizing Unpaved Roads and Construction Platforms

SpectraPave4-PRO™ Software (SP4-PRO) is a road construction software that provides pavement design engineers the most powerful tool available for evaluating design options and optimizing pavement performance using Tensar® Geogrids. Developed for Tensar International’s Spectra® Roadway Improvement System, SP4-PRO enables users to:

  • Design for a specific level of performance
  • Analyze a variety of support and loading conditions and serviceability limits
  • Evaluate and compare designs and costs for both unbound aggregate and mechanically stabilized aggregate layers (MSL)

SP4-PRO is a comprehensive, systems-based pavement design software suite that offers the full benefits of Tensar's knowledge and experience in analyzing both subgrade stabilization and pavement optimization applications. These applications incorporate Tensar® TriAx® TX5 and TX7 Geogrids, key components of the Spectra System. This engineering software is available at no charge. It is recommended for users to attend a free training module delivered by a Tensar specialist. For more information, contact your local Tensar representative, call 800-TENSAR-1 or email us at


What's Behind the Grid? Check out our new Research Center for a more in-depth look at the research behind our geogrids and software.

Did You Know Tensar SpectraPave4-PRO™ Paved Application Method Received Third-Party Endorsement? Software is in compliance with the 1993 AASHTO Guide for Design of Pavement Structures methodology. Read Full Report

Need Help Getting Started with the Software? We can perform a hands-on training session for you and your team. Click Here to Request Training

Have SpectraPave4-PRO already installed? Be sure to launch the software and click “update” to get the latest version. If downloading a new copy of SpectraPave, previous versions should be removed.