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AuthorTensar International

Date15 Jun 2018

Tensar is expanding its distribution relationships in response to rising demand for its products by the mining industry. The use of geosynthetics in mining operations is increasing rapidly as operators begin to realize the advantages associated with these materials. A vast range of geosynthetic solutions is available to improve performance and support environmental security in mining operations. Geogrid, in particular, is among the most useful. Geogrid reinforcement stabilizes berms, embankments, crusher walls, and other soil structures. Geogrids support access roads so that 100-ton payloads can pass daily for years on site without costly roadway failures. These materials can improve the recovery of valuable materials, isolate contaminated waste, keep sites open, and make closure a more efficient and less costly endeavor. Tensar offers a number of solutions to support the unique requirements of mining and tunneling construction.

This month, Tensar announced that Chris Taylor of C&C Taylor Enterprises (CCTE) has agreed to become the exclusive distributor agent for Tensar Underground Mining Products in Australia. For more than 40 years, Chris has worked in various mining industry roles from the shop floor to director, and has experience working in various production positions in the UK, USA and Australia. He also has been a Longwall mining consultant since 1999, operating in the UK, USA, Australia, China, Russia, India, France and Germany.

CCTE distributes Tensar TriAx (TX), Biaxial (BX) and Uniaxial (UX) geogrid for mines and tunnels. Tensar Mesh is an easy to handle, safer, practical and cost-effective product that outperforms metal alternatives. Tensar Mining Grids are corrosion-resistant and flame-retardant geogrids ideal for roof meshing and rib control. Tensar’s Mining Grid products, offer a lightweight, safer and quick to install alternative to conventional metal systems. Compared with metal reinforcement products, Tensar mining grids can reduce installation and material handling time up to 30 percent.


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