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Tensar North American Green 

As you may know, Tensar International Corporation acquired North American Green (NAG) in 2004 to enhance its position as the premier provider of technology-driven erosion and sediment control solutions. We are proud to continue offering the same level of service, quality and high performance erosion control products under the Tensar brand. To learn more about Tensar North American Green Erosion Control Systems and products, please continue to the Tensar North American Green website or use the links below:

Erosion Control Systems

RollMax™ Systems 
HydraMax™ Systems 
RevetMax™ Systems 
SediMax™ Systems 

Erosion Control Application

Channel Protection 
Waterway and Shoreline Stabilization 
Slope Protection 
Hydraulic Applications/Seeding 
Sediment Control 
Scour Protection 

Further Information:

CAD Details 
Installation of products 
Product Selection Chart 
Ultimate Assurance 

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