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AuthorTensar International Corporation

DateOct 02 2014

On Monday the 22 September officers from the local court in Berlin served court papers on a representative of the Chinese company, Taian Modern Plastics Co Ltd (TMP), on behalf of the District Court in Düsseldorf, where Tensar has filed a patent infringement action against TMP. The papers were served at the 10th International Conference on Geosynthetics in Berlin, where TMP was an exhibitor.

Tensar has filed the patent infringement lawsuit in order to enforce Tensar’s German national part of the European patent (EP 1 534 898 B1) for Tensar TriAx® geogrid.  Tensar accuses TMP of selling certain multi-axial products manufactured by TMP in China, sometimes referred to as ‘quaxial’ geogrid, which have aperture shapes and characteristics that infringe its patent relating to multi-axial geogrids.

“We have seen material in the market from TMP promoting certain multi-axial products, which we expect to prove in court clearly infringe our TriAx® geogrid patent. After we had evidence that these products were being offered for sale, in Germany, we took action and we look forward to receiving the Court’s decision on the issue,” explains Tim Oliver, Tensar VP for Product Management and Technology.

Tensar places much importance on the protection of its intellectual property. Don Meltzer, CEO of Tensar, provided this message: “We have a proven track record over several decades for investing heavily in innovation in order to develop a technical lead in the market and advance the geosynthetics industry. Our TriAx® geogrid patent covers a wide range of multi-axial geogrid products, the methods for manufacturing such products, and various uses for these products.  We will rigorously protect our patents around the world against those that we believe are wrongful imitators or are knowingly selling or using infringing products. Patents exist to protect and encourage investment in innovation. For this reason, it is in all of our interests to respect the patent law.”