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AuthorTensar International

DateJul 28 2014

ATLANTA – July 28, 2014 Tensar International, the global leader in geosynthetic site development technology, is pleased to announce the relocation of Scott Whaley, regional sales manager, from Alpharetta, Ga., to Mandan, N.D. This strategic move will strengthen Tensar’s footprint in the area surrounding the Bakken shale formation and address the growing infrastructure demands of the oil and gas industry.

“North Dakota is a booming market for civil engineering and construction, driven largely by the Bakken shale play and agriculture,” Whaley said. “Tensar does a significant amount of work in North Dakota, though there is much untapped opportunity. This move greatly improves our ability to cultivate more of the opportunities available.”

In the role of regional sales manager, Whaley promotes and supports the inclusion of geosynthetics in roadway and ground improvement design applications. These include pavement optimization, subgrade stabilization, bearing capacity improvement; asphalt overlay enhancement and subsurface drainage.

“My primary goal is to increase knowledge and use of Tensar’s optimized solutions that use TriAx® Geogrids,” said Whaley. “TriAx’s Geogrid technology is proven and widely accepted but still under-utilized. This technology offers demonstrated cost and performance advantages over conventional methods and other geosynthetic technologies, and my mission is to deliver this message to owners, engineers and contractors in North Dakota.”

Tensar’s TriAx Geogrids are already changing the landscape in the areas surrounding the Bakken shale, as there are millions of square yards installed. TriAx Geogrids reduce aggregate/fill requirements and improve performance of all types of trafficked surfaces. This reduces construction and maintenance costs, preserves valuable natural resources, cuts construction time, minimizes the number of trucks on the road, and reduces wear on the vehicles and equipment operating in the region.

Whaley joined Tensar in 2008, and has had roles in design engineering and regional sales management. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Georgia. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Florida.