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AuthorTensar International Corporation

DateAug 28 2014

In May, 2014, researchers at the Western Transportation Institute at Montana State University published the results of a study testing geosynthetics in Subgrade Stabilization, and it has received significant attention due to the promotional efforts of manufacturers who appear to believe that it favors their products.  This was a follow up study to earlier work published in 2009, and the results contradict those of the earlier study. 

In fact, the results published in May do not align with the body of research over the past 30 years on this application, nor do they agree with the design guidance and software currently provided by geosynthetic manufacturers, including those attempting to promote the results of the study.

Tensar has reviewed the entire study in detail, and has prepared a detailed discussion of the testing and the results.  Read more here. 

Click here to view the full discussion.