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  • ADD3 Technology

    Tensar-engineered solutions for waste disposal facilities to  

    1.  Maximize waste storage potential for new facilities during planning.
    2. Increase waste storage potential on already permitted areas.

     ADD3 was derived from “Add cubic yards of capacity.”

  • Aggregate

    Sand, gravel, cobbles and boulder size particles in well-defined mixtures used in paving, concrete and other applications where specified properties are needed.  Aggregates are typically inorganic, natural (e.g. gravel), processed (e.g. crushed rock) or man-made (e.g. air-cooled blast furnace slag and expanded shale).

  • Aggregate Base Course

    Compacted layer of aggregate beneath a pavement.

  • Aperture

    An opening such as a hole, gap or slit.

    Example:  A geogrid aperture is the opening formed during manufacturing, measured with calipers.  The openings must be large enough to permit “strike through” of aggregate fill. But small enough to endure thorough interlocking with aggregate particles.

    (See Geogrid)

  • Asphalt Pavement

    A pavement consisting of a surface layer of mineral aggregate coated and cemented together with asphalt cement, on supporting layers.